Why Rowing?

In today’s quest for a more healthy and exhilarating lifestyle, the sport of recreational rowing has emerged. Many doctors, sports medicine specialists, and fitness enthusiasts are proclaiming it the ideal exercise and for some very good reasons.

A full-body fitness sport for a healthy lifestyle

A full-body fitness sport for a healthy lifestyle

One, rowing combines a full-body fitness sport with a recreational activity, offering a complete physical and mental conditioning program all in one.

Two, rowing requires a minimum of skills to achieve, (you can learn to row in one afternoon), yet will remain a challenge throughout the years as you continue to improve.

Three, people of all ages, sizes, and physical limitations can learn to row and achieve a level of accomplishment that is both physically beneficial and personally rewarding. Rowing is now recognized as an effective means of therapeutic conditioning used in various applications, such as for joggers with bad knees to those physically handicapped.

Fourth, and most important, rowing puts you in a unique and refreshing atmosphere-far from the madding crowd-one that stimulates your senses while challenging your efforts.

You’ll come to find that rowing never encourages boredom; that you’ll actually look forward to your next row, whether it’s to workout or work less. The fascinating sport of rowing, simply put, is a fun way to stay fit.

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