Why Little River Marine?

Little River Marine

A Name You Can Count On
Little River has been building shells since 1977, and has remained owned and managed by the original designer, Bill Larson. Today Little River is the largest builder of recreational sliding seat boats in America. With an endorsement record that includes NASA, the Armed Forces, the Boy Scouts of America, and Boating Industry’s “Top 100 Products.” We gained national recognition in Small Boat Journal’s “Sea Trials” by earning a Number One ranking overall in the recreational doubles test.

A Rowing Shell You Can Grow With
The foundation of Little River’s success story began when brothers William and Steve Larson forecasted the future of recreational rowing by creating an entirely new concept: designing a full line of performance craft built for recreational standards. Every aspect of the sport from pure leisure to highly skilled rowing is accommodated in each one of our models. We then go a step further and design a unique feature into each unit: as one’s rowing technique and ability improves, so does the performance of the shell. Too many entry-level shells on today’s market reach their performance peak long before the rower, and they soon become candidates for “trade-ins” or “dust catchers.” Little River’s foremost goal is to offer each individual rower a uniquely designed craft that will properly educate from day one, while continuing to reward the rower’s efforts for as long as the sport is enjoyed: offering you the best of both worlds.

Exclusive Features Are Standard With Little River
Design features that normally come as extras with other manufacturers are standard on most Little River boats — such as Carbon Fiber construction, allowing for lighter weight hulls and superior rigidity. One piece, non-skid, molded decks and interiors add beauty, strength and less maintenance.

State-of-the-art, lightweight aluminum rigging systems mount in seconds, and are as stiff as iron. Attached to the top of the shell, the wing rigger carries its own loads, thus requiring less structure inside the hull. Our design incorporates no bends because bends are weaker than welds and absorb energy meant to propel the shell forward.

Unique fold-in riggers on Heritage models provide easier docking and transporting.

Our exclusive Universal Pitch� is the easiest oar lock adjustment system on the market, and the only 4-way fully adjustable system available on any recreational shell.

Our exclusive lifetime trade-in policy:

Let’s say you opt for a Cambridge, but later decide you’d like to get a double, or maybe a racing shell. No problem! Our published trade-in policy guarantees you a generous trade-in value on your current shell for life. Why? We want to insure that you’ll always have the opportunity to row the boat that’s best for you now and in the future … We are the only manufacturer that offers this policy – it’s one more reason we can be your “rowing craft company for Life!”