Why Choose a Rowing Skiff?

Why Choose a Sliding Seat Row Boat?
Are you looking for the stability of a sliding seat row boat?
Do the sweeping graceful lines of this sliding seat row boat appeal to you?

If so, a Heritage skiff from Little River Marine is the boat for you!

Heritage 12
Heritage 15
Heritage 18

(Note: Both the Heritage 15 and the Heritage 18 can be rigged for either single or double rowing)

What are the advantages of a Heritage Skiff over a rowing shell?
Because of their wider hulls, sliding seat row boats are more stable than rowing shells. With a Heritage you can stand up. With a shell, there is well kept secret:  let go of the oars, tip right over (shells, not skiffs).
A Heritage is only one mph slower than a shell at cruising speed.   Average speed Heritage 5 mph, shell 6mph. So you give up little, but gain a lot.

Each Heritage model has enough room to carry passenger(s), and the Heritage 15 and 18 have the ability to accommodate a second rower.
A motor mount or sail can be mounted on your sliding seat row boat.
Little River Marine’s patented folding rigger system makes the boat easy to transport.

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