Shipping Prices

What does shipping cost?
Little River has it’s own fleet of delivery trucks, making it by far the most reliable delivery company in the United States. However, these trucks head out less often then some clients needs. We also use an independent Special Carrier for faster service. See prices and details below.

Rowing lesson available ($75/hr) at your door, most states, but does depend on teacher/driverĀ  availability.**

Shipping Cost
Zone Load Rate
1 $259
2 $326
3 $403
4 $479
5 $513
6 $572
7 $638


*Expedited April- Sept: 6 weeks or less build and ship, from time of deposit.


Yes, we deliver!

Florida Keys add $80
Long Island add $80
Canada add $0.70/mile r.t. from US border additiional charges will apply including border cost, and drivers hourly fee and lodging if needed

Overseas Shipping
Rough Estimate
EU $800
Eastern Europe $1500
South America $800
Australia $1500
Middle East $1200
Asia $1200
Caribbean $600
insurance $100, crate if desired $400

** Our truck – most states, East of Mississippi. (Most of our drivers love to row)

Production Time
Fall and Winter: 2 to 4 weeks
Spring and Summer: 4-8 weeks