Rowing Ambassadors

These are clients who love to row, and are willing to let folks see thier boats in different sections of the country, call Little River for contact information.

City, State Boat Owned Owner's Name Gives Lessons
Northport , Alabama Regatta R. Humphries
Scottsdale , Arizona Heritage 12 E. Owens
Jonesboro , Arkansas Heritage 18 S. Macon
, Barbados Heritage 15 W. Hassel
Palm Beach , Florida Heritage 15, 18, Regatta B. Devries *
Tallahassee , Florida Cambridge F. Hawks
Sugar Loaf Key , Florida Heritage 15 Single H. Moorefield
St. George Island , Florida Pro Am 25 G. Floyd
Satellite Beach , Florida Heritage 15 C. Giangarra
Marco Island , Florida Heritage 18 R. Hall
Madison , Florida Regatta M. Wheeler
Jacksonville , Florida Cambridge J. Knoll*
Neptune Beach , Florida Heritage 15 K. Kawasaki
Destin , Florida Heritage 15 J. Francis
Cape Coral , Florida Heritage 12 J. Allway
Gainesville , Florida Heritage 12 Bill Larson Yes
Decatur , Georgia Regatta, Heritage 18 C. Molina
Jonesboro , Georgia Heritage 15 L. Hart
Flowery Branch , Georgia Pro Am 25, Olympus R. Hutton
Elkhart , Indiana Sea Shell Double M. Miller
Annapolis , Maryland Regatta T. Wellman
Reno , Nevada-4 Heritage 15 J. Arnow Yes
Wilmington , North Carolina Heritage 18 C. Smith
Cincinatti , Ohio Heritage 15 Carbon K. Hodgkins
Milwakee , Oregon Heritage 18 Double R. Thompson
Rio Piedras , Puerto Rico Sea Shell Double M. Segarra
Barrington , Rhode Island Heritage 15 N. Califano
Corpus Christie , Texas Heritage 12 D. Garven Yes
Montgomery , Texas Heritage 18 E. Robinson
Toano , Virginia Heritage 18 M. Warren
Fairfax , Virginia 703-352-1711 Heritage 12, 15, Cambridge M. Cox
Green Bay , Wisconsin Heritage 15 S. Michaud
Kelowna British Columbia Canada, Heritage 15D Rodwell, C Yes
Florence, Al-4 Heritage 18 Double J. Bartness Yes
Newport Beach, CA Heritage B. Whitford Yes
San Diego, California Heritage 12 M. Sanders Yes
San Francisco, California Frank Cook
Quebec, Canada Heritage 18 S G.Galardo Yes
Clearwater, Fl Heritage 18D B. Merriman Yes
Punta Gorda, Florida Heritage 18 G. Harrell
Captiva / South Seas Plantation, Florida Heritage 15 Classic Double A Fisher
Palm City, Florida Heritage 15 D C. Hilsinger
Eatonton, Ga-4 Heritage 15 Guide R. Primm Yes
Atlanta, Ga-4 Heritage 15 Single A. Molitor Yes
Savannah, Georgia B. Morrisey
Greensboro, Georgia-4 Cambridge S. Clark Yes
Hays, Kansas Seashell Double David Breedon
Port Allen, LA Cambridge T, Cashiola-4 Yes
Annapolis, MD-3 Heritage 15 Double K. Ryman Yes
Ocean City, New Jersey Heritage 15S R. Haines Yes
Ridgewood, NJ Heritage 12 J. Pape-3 Yes
Oriental, North Carolina Pro-am Elite, Regatta J. Dasson
Asheville, North Carolina-4 Heritage 18 Single G. Costanzo Yes
Hubert, North Carolina-4 Heritage 18 B. Brewington Yes
Montouk, NY H12 L. Roberts Yes
Dublin, Ohio-4 Heritage 15 P. Devore Yes
Centervalley, PA Heritage 18 N. Biege
Westerly, Rhode Island Heritage 18 Carbon P. Willetts
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina Heritage 12 D. Smith Yes
Duncanville, Texas Heritage 15 D R. Cantu Yes
Lake Limestone, Texas Heritage 15 Guide J. Schlitt
San Juans, Washington Heritage 15 W. Wilcox Yes
Seattle, Washington Heritage Fred Payne
Sturgeon Bay, Wi Heritage 18 Double Stephan Chayer Yes
Depere , Wisconsin Regatta, Pro Am Elite S. Caitlin

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