A. Veltkamp

The Netherlands “Last year, we bought a Heritage 12 Yacht tender from you to take with us on [our] motor yacht. We would just like to share with you that we enjoy the Heritage 12 very much, it handles perfectly, especially in choppy conditions. It’s a real Yacht Tender!”

K. Smith

“Web site is amazing, your customer service is flawless.”


Connecticut “I received my Heritage 15 this weekend. Skip Gundlach was very helpful in instructing me on the boat and rowing techniques.”


Port Charlotte “Hello to all – “I love my Heritage 15….”

Paul Abbott, Jr.

New Mexico “I appreciate all the effort the team at Little River put into providing me a first quality boat, answering all my questions and providing me the information or advice that I needed. If the opportunity arises, I will enthusiastically recommend Little River.”

Craig Sutherland

New Hampshire “I have always been attracted to classics, just never thought I would get exercise with one.”

B. Wachs

“I wish all of my sales people would spend as much time as your staff has in trying to help me with a boat.”

B. Richardson

Oregon “Love our Double… We do a lot of kayaking and when we complete a long kayak trip we always seem to have sore butts and backs. Not so with this. After a couple hours rowing we may have sore quads and arm muscles – and that’s what we’re after — our muscles to be […]

T. McLarty

CT “My Heritage 18 rows true and dry … I rowed the Soundkeepers Lighthouse to Lighthouse race , a total of 14 miles. I took first place in the sliding seat touring boat class. My Heritage 18 received more attention than any other boat and many rowers and spectators were interested in knowing about the […]

M. Walker

Michigan “I’m 265lbs 6ft. I’m definitely impressed at how stable the Heritage is, and I’m surprised at how comfortable the seat is. I rigged it for fishing and caught 50 walleye in a month. Its really worked out well.”

B. & V. McCarroll

New York “I love my Heritage 18 that I bought from you, quite impulsively, at the New York Boat Show. I rowed an Alden Ocean shell for a long time, but wanted more of a “boat”. We have a channel with a hairy current and she goes against it confidently. We also have too many […]

W. Wilner

Florida “Our Cambridge goes along through the water nicely. It doesn’t feel like a beamy boat, yet it’s very stable. The wing rigging system is excellent, with no flex at all. This boat loves the choppy water. I’m happy to show people my Cambridge in this area!”

Dennis Kiernan

New Jersey “I bought my Pro Am Elite sight unseen, based on the quality of my 20 year old Rivershell. When it arrived, I looked it over end to end. It is Flawless. I can’t believe how beautiful it is. I can’t wait to put it in the water.”

Pastor John

Washington “I love the boat. It may be the most satisfying purchase I have made. “

J. Alexander

CEO Quarterberth “Ten weeks ago, I learned how, and began, to row my Heritage. I started monitoring and managing my consumption, started growing closer than ever with my lovely wife, shed 16 pounds, and have both new and renewed personal and business passion in my life. Thank you. I am having fun and looking forward […]

Dan Bashaw

Alaska “Rowed in some pretty good 3 foot flight waves! The Sprint is definitely what we wanted.”

N. Elam

North Carolina “Just a quick note on how well my Heritage 18 performed during the 50 mile Suwannee River Challenge. The Heritage 18 was the perfect boat to use..”

David Smalley

Contributing writer for Passagemaker Magazine “I love the Heritage. Every place I go, people follow me?”

Barbara Lansing Couper

“it is so easy, absolutely stable rowing upwind, in the chop no problem… 15 – 18 knots”

Brian Smith

American Diesel. Owner Since 1999 “Of the four boats I own, my Heritage rower gets used more than the other three combined.”