Rowing the North West Passage

Rowing the North West Passage by Llew Johnson I  have rowed or paddled all the coast-line between Olympia, WA and Prince Rupert, BC.    Two recent trips in the Heritage were 1) Bella Coola to Port McNeil (Bella Coola, Ocean Falls, Namu, Rivers Inlet, Cape Caution, Port Hardy, Malcolm Island, Port McNeil), and 2) Bella […]

Rowing Near Savannah, GA

We bought our 15’ Heritage from Bill Larson in Gainesville FL after visiting his shop and taking a test row in Bill’s personal 15. We stayed at Payne’s Prairie State Park just south of Gainesville. Bill brought his boat to the park and launched it in Lake Wauberg which is adjacent to the park. He […]

Rowing in Montana

On a trip to Montana this past Summer of 2012, we loaded our Heritage 15’ on top of our Ford F-350 Dually and headed out west from Savannah, GA. We carried the heritage upside down on a roof rack purchased from Little River Marine. It worked perfectly and we had no issues with it on […]

Miami Herald spotlights Little River at the Miami Show

Heritage 12 Completes 20 Mile Blackburn Challenge off Coast of Massachusetts

Letters about Heritage 12 from Dave Fish Bill, As you may have heard, the Blackburn Challenge has a reputation for being one of the longest, toughest open water rowing races in the Northeast. The 20+ mile course circumnavigates the rocky coast of Cape Ann, Massachusetts and is mostly open ocean with a wide variety of […]

David Bean – Why row the entire coast of Texas?

  Graphic designer David Bean of Kemah, Texas (near Houston), had an 8-foot boat and little experience when he decided to row all 367 miles of the Texas coast. It took 29 days spread over two and a half years. His vessel: He rowed the first 232 miles in an 8-foot boat with a 4-foot […]

Excerpt from Younger Next Year

Blue Yeats: I have wanted a pulling boat with a sliding seat for as long as I can remember. Something to row in heavier weather and open water. And I did buy an incredibly beautiful, blue pulling boat with a sliding seat, outriggers and nine-foot, super-light carbon-fiber oars shaped like hatchets. It pulls like a […]

Heritage 18 Skiff in the Suwannee River Challenge 2003

Dear Bill, Just a quick note to let all the crew of Little River Marine know how well my Heritage 18 performed during the 2nd annual Suwannee River Challenge 2003. The water level on the Suwannee was up, the sun was shining and the Heritage 18 was the perfect boat to use, for what turned […]