Night Rowing and Flyfishing for Snook and Tarpon

South Florida is famous for its snook fishing.  Through the warm summer nights,  these sought after game fish sit under the dock lights waiting for a sleepy shrimp or glass minnow to enter the beam of light from flood lamps mounted to docks just for this purpose: to attract Snook. This suites my exercise program very […]

Who is choosing Little River Adventure Craft?

Want to know for certain you’re choosing the finest and best? See this amazing list of coaches, yacht builders, magazine editors, and physicians who decided on Little River for their personal boat. click  Owners Club

Do something great for yourself!

Its been called the miracle sport:  Being on the water is doing what you love.  And Sliding Seat Rowing is the  perfect all-body exercise.  With our Heritage it is so easy, so smooth and effortless.  You won’t feel like your exercising, you’ll be on an adventure!  Feel the breeze, watch the birds, cover miles without […]

Can my kids row?

Yes, kids often pick it up quicker than adults. The Heritage is great for families. If you prefer shells, the outrigger floats are a good idea for children under 15, for safety. We also have a couple of models that carry a passenger seat.

Why Sliding Seat Rowing?

Sliding seat rowing is now universally recognized as the best sport for your heart and body. And it is easy! There is no impact or bouncing, and you are out where you want to be, on the water boating. Rowing is often used in physical therapy for rehab of other sports injuries. That is why […]