Night Rowing and Flyfishing for Snook and Tarpon

South Florida is famous for its snook fishing.  Through the warm summer nights,  these sought after game fish sit under the dock lights waiting for a sleepy shrimp or glass minnow to enter the beam of light from flood lamps mounted to docks just for this purpose: to attract Snook. This suites my exercise program very […]

Deep Sea Fishing in a Heritage

It is always been a dream of mine to venture out into the deep blue ocean and catch a billfish. When a Florida Keys client offered to help I jumped at the chance. Sliding seat rowing is universally recognized as the best exercise sports going. The idea of camping, fishing, sightseeing, and exploring on the […]

Rowing and Fly Fishing the Rio Grande:

Rowing and Fly Fishing the Rio Grande:

Rowing Colorado.

  It was a long shot: fly fishing for trout in the Heritage on snow covered lakes of the Rockies. But my guide, Mike McCormick of Wolf Creek Anglers, knew how to raise fish. The scene was surreal, the quiet white snow falling, the lake ringed in white, and our white Heritage looking somewhat out […]

Offshore Fishing in a Cambridge

March 30th Watching the Southside fight a 6-foot shark yesterday was too much of a temptation. I just couldn’t resist trying my own luck out there today. I rigged a Rapalla diving plug on a heavy spinning reel, and headed out. The boat I have is a 2003 Cambridge recently traded in, which I just […]

Ocean Rowing a Cambridge

March 29th It’s a perfect cloudless morning on Ft. Lauderdale beach, where the ocean color is still as coral blue as anywhere. With a mere one-foot shore chop, launching the Cambridge will be easy. My wife offers a bottle of water, always looking out for me, which I thank her for and shove off. I […]

Ocean Rowing a Heritage 15

February 19th It’s the final day of the Miami Boat Show. Yachting Magazine of Asia has just finished a sea trail of the Heritage 12YT, under oar and sail. Watching the editor have fun for more than an hour in the Heritage has me more in the mood to row than to head back to […]