Owners Club


Please take a look at this impressive list of clients who have selected Little River to build their rowing craft.


Athletes and Ambassadors
David Satcher, fmr. Surgeon General to the United States
Joe Perini, founder, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Bob Lynch, Director, RowBobRow for Cancer, logged over 5000 miles in Heritage
Ben Mostkoff, Diector, Shoreline Foundation,
Stuart Cheney, owner, Herrington Harbor Marina, voted best marina on Chesapeake Bay
John Spencer, Founder of the Blackburn Challange
Jim Condon, executive vice president of 2003 PGA Championship
Joe Lasavio, fmr Attorney General to the State of Colorado
Major General George K. Anderson, D.A. Secretary of Defense, USAF
John Leech, called “the healthiest 80 year old alive,” and owner of River Oaks Fitness Center
State Rep Connie Mac
Doctors: an estimated 1000 doctors have purchased Little River shells and skiffs for thier personal health and enjoyment over the past 31 years
Yacht Builders and Major Yacht Brokers
Henry Marschladt, owner, Cabo Yachts
Bill Parsons, founder, Palmer Johnson Yachts
Peter Bjorn, former owner Laser Sailboats, CEO, Byte Sailboats International,
Warren Luhrs, Principle Luhrs Yachts, Hunter Sailboats, and Silverton Yachts
Jack Jones, owner, Delta Yachts
Reggie Fountain, owner, Fountain, Offshore Racing and fishing boats
Paul Spencer, owner, Spencer Sport fishing Yachts
Chris Hall, president, Viking Yacht distributor for middle-east coast
J. Fuglsang, CEO, Northwest Bay Ships of Austrialia
Principle, Lazzarra Yachts
Steve Potts, Principle, Scout Boats
Mr. Chen, owner Selene Yachts
Bill Sanderson, Yacht Broker
David Walters, Owner David Walters Yachts
Ray Curry, Broker, Fleming Yachts
John Naparono, Owner Reverso Marine
Chuck Wistar, President, Selene Yacht Brokerage
Marshal Duffy, Owner Duffy Electric Boats
Randy Sweers, President, Fastboats.com
Jeff Knoll, Managing Broker, St. Barts Yachts
Steven Fry, President and Designer, Trecker Yachts
Jack Zacks, Broker, Sparkmans Stevens
Dennis Delong, Broker, Yacht Brockerage of Broward
Writers and Editors
Chris Crowley, author of NY Bestseller health book, Younger Next Year
Bill Parlatore, founder and Editor in Chief, Passage Maker Magazine
Jay Cole, editor, Yachting Magazine
Dave Smalley, contributing editor, Passage Maker Magazine
Pete Mcdonald, Senior Associate Editor, World Publications
(Boating Magazine, Trawler Magazine, Marlin Magazine, Water-ski Magazine and many more …)
Rusty Chennes, contributing editor to Fly Fishing Magazine, and world class fisherman
Brian Smith, owner, American Diesel
Rowing Coaches
Coach Bill Feaster, Gainesville Area Rowing, Florida
Coaches Steve and Jan Morrill, Arkansas
Coach Paul Wilkens, Men’s Coach at University of Southern California
Coach Dennis Kamrad, fmr. Univ. of Central Florida Rowing
Martin Dennis, USRA ref and fmr Coach
Jerry Allway, Casanovia Rowing Club
Coach Ben Devriess, NPBRC
Bob Lynch's Heritage 18.

Bob Lynch’s Heritage 18.