Heritage and Legacy Sailboats

Little River Row/Sail Boats.   Versatility to fit your lifestyle.


The sailboat package provides you with everything that you will need to convert your rowing skiff from the traditional rowing dory to a sailboat. You can order your Heritage 12 or Legacy  this way, or convert an existing skiff.

Legacy sail ready

Legacy : click picture to enlarge

Introducing the new LEGACY 5M Row/Sail.   THIS SKIFF IS A HIT!  Double rower with a great sailing rig.  Light enough to row like a dream.  Wide and tall enough to sail beautifully.  Self bailing at the docks or on a mooring. The mast is stepped through the massive forward dry storage area  She  has a taller free board (as does the Heritage 12) to allow for heeling under sail.  The topsides are wide, for hiking out and to sit on in stiff breezes.

Two very simple rigs make her easy to set sail even at sea.  Available in 2 sailing configurations, a boomless Marconi rig and the new Moon Wing Sail.  The Legacy has a dagger board trunk and a kick-up rudder.   She can be rowed single or double with the mast up!  The mast step is neatly concealed under a storage port when not in use.  The topsides are wider, to sit on in stiff breezes.

 Heritage 12 : click picture to enlarge

Heritage 12 : click picture to enlarge


The Heritage 12 was specifically designed to be a combination rower boat and sail boat. She does both well. The stability is fine under sail, yet the extreme lightweight and famous Heritage shape make her a joy to row. It comes with a straight forward main sail, stepped through the forward seat. All components can be rigged at sea, and stowed on board.

sail 12 pic If adventure is in your heart, Little River’s Sail and Sliding seat is the ultimate Raid Boat: one of the few that actually rows well. Just ask Ward Wilcox. His Heritage Raid Boat row/sailed Watertribe’s 60 mile Ultimate Marathon. The experience is the joy. The wind was strong, and Ward could have made better time under sail. But rowing these boats is so fun, he chose to row 40 of the 60+ miles. Even still, he placed 2nd in class and 5th overall.
All the rowing gear is removable, and can be stowed across the outrigger arms, to make the interior large enough for camping and sleeping. Coming soon is a Camping Dodger to keep you dry under the stars.
More photos are coming soon. We are excited about these new Raid Boats and invite your inquiries.

Everglades Challange Raid under sail

Everglades Challange Raid under sail

Heritage 15 Custom Sail in the Everglades Challange Raid under sail. Today most Sail and Raid models get outfitted with the soft ammas that attach to the hull (see sailboat page on our website).

Everglades Challange race

Everglades Challange race

Heritage 15 Custom Sail in the Everglades Challange Raid. Here it is under oar. The owner outfitted the boat with a sail and hard ammas. Today most sail and Raid models get outfitted with the soft ammas that attach to the hull.


  • Can be post adopted to any existing Heritage Classic
  • Sail kit and mast folds down for onboard storage
  • All components are removable and can be mounted at sea
  • Leeboards are "kick-up" style for shallow water
  • Includes transom rudder plate that also serves as a motor mount
  • Stable, dry ride
  • Sail Package on Legacy Includes mast, boomless sail, lines, dagger board and trunk, rudder, tiller, rudder/motor mount. It can be retrofitted to an existing boat $2695
  • Sail Package on H 12 Classic Includes mast, boom, lines, twin lee boards, additional floatation, rudder, tiller, rudder/motor mount, forward brackets, and marconi sail. This system can be retrofitted to an existing boat, with some work $2195

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