Heritage 18 Classic

Versatility to fit your lifestyle.

A larger version of the Heritage 15, the Heritage 18 is a slightly more stable row boat than its smaller sibling. Its larger carrying capacity makes it suited to family trips. All of our rowboats are crafted using hand-laid fiberglass. She is incredibly dry and at home in any waters. Just ask David Bean, who rowed a Heritage the entire coast line of Texas. Or ask the man who rowed his heritage completely across the Baltic Sea from Sweden to Germany.
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Another rower has a Heritage mounted on his 65′ Motor yacht, and has rowed his skiff all over the Western Hemisphere including Panama, Alaska, and the Caribbean.


Thanks to our Patented folding rigger, set up and launching is a breeze. Slide your Heritage off the dock, push off, swing out the rigger and go. It’s that simple!
Fold the rigger all the way in and it serves as a handle for lowering yourself in and out of the boat.

redfromtop2The Magic of Design

We have been designing racing shells for 30 years, and know sliding seat and light-weight technology. Our design thinking is simple: “Exercise should be Inspirational.” Make this skiff wide enough to stand, and no wider. Make her sides tall enough to be dry, but not so tall the wind blows you over. Make her as light and tough as possible.

New for 2012 – Carbon!

New for 2012! The Carbon Classic is super light and great for rooftopping. All carbon hull & deck make for an incredibly ridgid, lightwieght ocean-capable adventure craft.

Heritage Construction Choices:

There are 3 construction choices. This page has been about the Classic, which comes fully lined, with massive floatation, and is medium priced. There are 2 other construction choices.You may choose an ultralight carbon hull for the Heritage 18, or the new economical Guideboat. She also has a sailingoption.

The Heritage 18 model comes two ways, as a single or the Heritage 18 double. The 18 double comes standard with the ability to convert it into a balanced single.

Don’t forget to visit our color design tool to custom pick your preferred look.

The Heritage Size Models

The Heritage comes in three sizes, the Heritage 12, the Heritage 15 and the Heritage 18. The Heritage 15 and the Heritage 18 can be rigged to row as a single or a double station. The difference is that the Heritage 15 is a lighter launch, and thus easier to handle, while the Heritage 18 has a longer water line, and thus a better rowing double. Which row boat is best for you? If you will be rowing mostly as a single, the 15 is probably best. If you plan to row mostly as a double (and occasionally as a single) then the 18 is your best bet. The Heritage 12 comes as a single only, but can carry passengers. It is a good choice where space is a concern, or weight, or to use as a tender to a big boat.

Specifications and Accessories


  • Drop-in Unit row station
  • Ideal for car-topping
  • Stable enough to stand in and cast a fishing pole
  • Black or white rails
  • Available as single or double



Length: 17′ 8″
Width: 42″
*Pick-up Weight: 110 lbs. Single, 125 lbs. Double
Freeboard amidships: 17″
Draws: 3-4″
Carrying Capacity 550 lbs.
*Pick up weight equals boat without Monorails, or what you would normally pick up on your car. Monorails weigh 16 lbs and arms weigh 3lbs a pair:

Suggested Purchase Order


Heritage 18 Classic SINGLE
molded interior, w/ monorail and swing-out riggers
1 pr. sculling oars carbon/glass Macon-Spoon $599/pr
Heritage 18′ Cover (Sumbrella) $399
Heritage 18 Classic DOUBLE
molded interior, w/ monorail and swing-out riggers
2 pr. sculling oars carbon/glass Macon-Spoon $1198/2pr
Motormount/Transom reinforce packing Thicken transom and reinforce it to handle adding motor and motor mount $225



Oarbag $149
SUV/CAR Kit $119
Motor Mount (Motor not included) $125
Addl’ storage compartment $65
Removable Hardbar Rack $225
Build Package for in-water storage. Permanent in water boats should have thicker gel coat (adds 15 lbs) on Vinyl ester skin coats $195
Offshore Sponsons. Cool. Hand inflates, slides easily on/off track, adds only 3 lbs each but massive safety flotation with no extra windage, knocks down big seas $995
Trolling pole holders. custom mounted our way. secure, for big fish. Sold in Pairs Rods at your finger tips when row-trolling $99
Princess passenger seat, made of Cherry and wicker $175
“Front-view” Mirror and mast $99
Keel Skid Plate. While the keel is extremely strong, this exterior Dynel and Graphite skid plate will hide scratches and dings from running into rocks $195
Standard bronze oarlocks for fixed seat rowing $65 pair
Fixed seat rowing: Attached mounting blocks and oarlock bases (need one set for single, 2 sets for double and 3 sets for single/double converting) $95/ set
Big tire Portage Dolly, easy carry and fits in boat $299
Large storage and launching dolly for Heritage 18 $629
Color: White / Bone No Charge
Color: Yellow $200
Color: Any Other $400
Teak Bench Slat $499
removable Roll Bar* car Rack $265
Teak Package (Transom & Gunnels) $1595
5 yr Extended Warranty, Extends “bumper to bumper” limited factory warranty from 2 yrs (std) to 5 years $395

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