Heritage 15 Guide Boat

NEW! Heritage 15 Guideboat

guidebt-webshot1Newest to our Heritage line is the Guideboat.  It is built on the same acclaimed hull shape and design as the Classic Heritage, but is lighter and is more economical.  It is a single skin boat, which means it is made from a hull mold only, similar to a canoe. The inside has a gel coat finish. The Guideboat is available in the 12, 15, and 18 sizes.  The 15 and 18 can be ordered as a Single or Double, or both!  This economical, lightweight 15 is an incredable little boat, having undergone many generations to achieve the right balance of weight and strength at an affordable price.The Heritage hull is famous for its stability. One can even stand in it and cast a fishing pole. Most people looking for a rowing skiff do not need it to be as tippy as an 2′ wide shell.
Speed wise, the Heritage is certainly the fastest traditional design that can claim the ability to stand in. How fast is that? Between 25 and 30 feet per stroke. It’s inspiring. A recent GPS test found the 15 foot classic to be 7.9 knots top end and 7.2 knots sustained.Whether in a 15 or an 18, the Guideboat can be purchased as a single or a double. If you order the boat as a single, it can later be retrofitted into a double by ordering the seeking rowing station and adding the mounting brackets.The benches are wood for a touch of tradition without overwhelming maintenance. The sliding seat monorail sets on top of the bench just as in the Classic. One may remove the slider (or order it without a slide) to row in the traditional fixed seat way. For and aft are built in passenger seats, which function as the flotation compartments as well. The rigger design is fixed in the outboard position as in a shell. Top of the line Concept II oarlocks are standard.

Heritage 15 Guide Boat

Heritage 15 Guide Boat

With the rowing stations out, this boat can be fairly easily lifted overhead and carried to and from the car by an average man.  Or it can be slid onto roof racks (never needing to lift but one end).  The rowing stations can be folded (from a “t: shape to an “I” shape) to store or carry.

Specifications and Accessories


  • Drop-in Unit row station
  • Ideal for car-topping
  • Stable enough to stand in and cast a fishing pole
  • Black or white rails
  • Sold as single but converts to a double by adding options
  • Built-in passenger seats bow and stern


Length 15′ 3″ or 4.64 m
Width 40″ or 101.6 cm
Approx. Weight unrigged aprox 70 lbs
Approx. Weight for rig Add 16 lbs

Suggested Purchase Order

Guideboat Heritage 15 Includes 1 sliding seat monorail with outriggers, and 1 mahogany bench $4695
1 pr. sculling oars carbon/glass Macon-Spoon $599/pr
Cockpit Drain, installed $65
Porthole and Storage Bag (holds knobs and drain plugs when dismantled) $65
Bow Eye or stern eyes, through-bolted, installed (helpful in cartopping) $20each
Guideboat Double, 2 sliding seats,2 wood benches, ability to switch from Double to balanced single $5995
2 pr sculling oars $1198/2pr
Motormount/Transom reinforce packing Thicken transom and reinforce it to handle adding motor and motor mount $225
Teak Package $1495


Princess passenger seat, made of Cherry and wicker $175
Big Wheeled Dolly, now with fat tires for mud and sand (not needed to row, but after a good row . . .) $299
Addl’ storage compartment $65
Removable Hardbar Rack $225
Fixed seat rowing: Attached mounting blocks and oarlock bases (need one set for single, 2 sets for double and 3 sets for single/double converting) $95/ set
Standard bronze oarlocks for fixed seat rowing $125 pair
“Front-view” Mirror and mast $99
Large dolly for Heritage 18 for storage and launching $629
Oarbag $149
SUV/CAR Kit $119
Offshore Sponsons. Cool. Hand inflates, slides easily on/off track, adds only 3 lbs each but massive safety flotation with no extra windage, knocks down big seas $995
Trolling pole holders. custom mounted our way. secure, for big fish. Sold in Pairs Rods at your finger tips when row-trolling $99
Keel Skid Plate. While the keel is extremely strong, this exterior Dynel and Graphite skid plate will hide scratches and dings from running into rocks $195
removable Roll Bar* car Rack $265
Cover $399
Build Package for in-water storage. Boats may be kept in water a few weeks. Permanent in water boats should have thicker gel coat (adds 15 lbs) on Vinyl ester skin coats $195
Color: White / Bone No Charge
Color: Yellow $200
Color: Any Other $400