New 2017 Heritage 15 CARBON Fully Lined

New 2017 Heritage 15 CARBON Fully Lined

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Heritage 15 Carbon

Heritage 15 Carbon

The Heritage Carbon 15 is now available with an ultra light carbon hull that weighs as little as 69 pounds. It’s ideal for those car topping and portaging. This is a refined, detailed high-tech rowing craft.

The Heritage Carbon 15 is now available as both a Single and Double.  When ordered as a double, you automatically get the conversion kit to change it quickly into a balanced single. It’s ideal for a lightweight yacht tender,  car topping and portaging. This is a refined, detailed high-tech rowing craft that is simple to use, stabe, solid with beautiful lines!

Like the Classic,  it has a fully molded interior and Patented fold in riggers. This is our  best gear, as in the Classic. The rowing station adds only nine pounds, and includes a comfortable oversized padded seat . The bench is also carbon fiber, and is removable.  The  sliding seat monorail removes with 2 hand turned knobs.

(an Ultralight monorail is available as an option: includes our lightest weight composite seat with a high tech gel pad and composite UL  footrests,  only 12 lbs.(+$250 )      

The riggers pop out instantly to make carrying on you vehicle a snap. There is also a molded complete inner liner in the Carbon to add rigidity.  Standard features include a forward storage locker, self rescuing flotation, molded in non-skid, patented Fold-in rigger system (this is the only system you can fold in with the oars installed– makes docking a breeze), bow and stern eyes, drain plug and wash down plug.

If weight is an issue in handling or transporting, the Carbon is the answer. Many options and accessories are available including teak rails, ulta-light aluminum rails, covers, launch wheel system, upgradable seating, ultralight monorail and oars.  There is even a sail kit and a motor mount.



The interior and exterior color is a special marine vinylester, which allows us to apply very light, but gives the same UV resistance as on a typical family runabout. Standard color is white and sand.

Approx. weights unrigged:
Heritage Carbon 15 Single: 65 lbs..

Specifications and Accessories


  • Heritage 15 Carbon Single includes 1 sliding seat monorail with fold in outriggers, molded interior with nonskid, carbon hull, carbon deck, carbon flotation chambers, Carbon ribs, carbon sub-floor, carbon bench
  • Patented fold-in riggers
  • Massive Positive flotation, self rescuing
  • Ultra lite monorail now available for $250.00
  • Stable enough to stand in and cast a fishing pole
  • Black or white rails vinyl (alum. or teak optional)
  • Available as single or double.
  • 2 Year “bumper to bumper” Warranty, Standard factory 2 yr limited warranty included



Length 15′ 3″ or 4.64 m
Width 40″ or 101.6 cm
Ultralight Carbon Hull 64 lbs. Base Single
79 lbs. Base Double
Carrying Capacity 431 lbs. or 195.5 kg

Suggested Purchase Order


Carbon Heritage 15 Single
w/ monorail and swing-out riggers
Carbon Heritage 15 Double
w/ monorails & swing-out riggers
Oar Carrying Bag (really solves carrying, car topping, and UV issues with oars) $149
Big Wheeled Dolly (not needed, but after a good row . . .) $299
Heritage 15′ Cover (Sumbrella) $399
CARRY & STORAGE SOLUTIONS – Heavy Duty Sling Dolly – 15′ $629
Sumbrella Cover $399
Ultralight UltraTech* Monorail (carbon feet and seat, gelpad) +$250 ea
Sculling Oars carbon fiber Ultralight Hatchet blade, adjustable length $699/pr
Front-view mirrow and fold-down mast $99



Princess Seat: Folding Cane Passenger Seat $175
Addl’ storage compartment $65
Removable Hardbar Rack $225
SUV/CAR Kit $119
Motor Mount (Motor not included) $125
Build Package for in-water storage. Permanent in water boats should have thicker gel coat (adds 15 lbs) on Vinyl ester skin coats $195
Offshore Sponsons. Cool. Hand inflates, slides easily on/off track, adds only 3 lbs each but massive safety flotation with no extra windage, knocks down big seas $995
Trolling pole holders. custom mounted our way. secure, for big fish. Sold in Pairs Rods at your finger tips when row-trolling $99
Keel Skid Plate. While the keel is extremely strong, this exterior Dynel and Graphite skid plate will hide scratches and dings from running into rocks $195
removable Roll Bar* car Rack $265
Teak Bench Slat $499
5 yr Extended Warranty, Extends “bumper to bumper” limited factory warranty from 2 yrs (std) to 5 years $395

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