Boat Accessories

To purchase boats or accessories with Visa or Mastercard, please call 352-378-5025 9:00am-4:00pm EST. Terms: For boats, we take credit cards for deposits only. Balances are paid by bank check on delivery in US, or in advance for international sales.
Sling Dolly Pull Carts
Heritage Launching Sling Dolly carries and stores Heritage in a safe long term manner. Vessel easily slides on and off at the water. Over-sized tires for rocks and sand. assembly required. Add $100 for dually. Add $100 for hitch (NOT road legal)

Heritage Galvanized Trailer (Unassembled, Drop Shipped)
Galvanized Heritage trailer, unassembled and drop-shipped to you.

SUV/Car Kit
SUV/CAR Kit (4 straps and foam tubes) for shells or heritages

Heritage Guide and Carbon Boat Carrier
Upright Heritage carrier for Carbon and Guide Boats with straps Attaches to your existing car/SUV racks

Spare tire
Spare tire

Spare tire mount (attach to trailer)
Spare tire mount (attach to trailer)

Heritage Galvanized Trailer (Assembled, Shipped w/ Boat)
Galvanized Road trailer includes assembly and shipping with your boat.

Custom Straps
Custom Straps 1 pair

Tubes for SUV Kit
Tubes for SUV Kit 1 pair

Car/SUV Rack Bar Extender
Car/SUV Rack Bars with Bar Extender add these to your existing car racks, safe one-man loading system

Truck Bed Extender
Truck Bed Extender for carrying Heritage in bed

Heritage Removable Hard Racks
Removable Hard Racks with roller system with 4 straps

Shell Removable Hard Rack
Removable Hard racks with 4 straps and padded rollers

Balloon tire Portage Dolly
Balloon tire Portage Dolly

Heritage Galvanized Trailer (Assembled, Pick Up)
Galvanized Heritage trailer, assembled and must be picked up at factory.


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