Boat Accessories

To purchase boats or accessories with Visa or Mastercard, please call 352-378-5025 9:00am-4:00pm EST. Terms: For boats, we take credit cards for deposits only. Balances are paid by bank check on delivery in US, or in advance for international sales.
Seashell Canvas Cover
Shell covers are full sock covers with zippers. The Sea-Shell cover is designed to fit with riggers installed single or double

Shell Canvas Covers
Sprint, Regatta, Cambridge, Olympus, Pro-Am 25 and Pro-Am Elite covers are full sock covers with zippers.

Shell Lock System
Secure your prized possession with a cartop security shell lock!

Complete Foot Brace Assembly
Complete (includes crossbar, clogs w/heel cups, foot straps, mounting tracks and bolts) specify top length, boat type , height of center keel

Anodized Aluminum Riggers
Anodized Aluminum Riggers (SSD) does not include oarlock and pins

Wing Rigger
Wing Rigger for Regatta, Cambridge,P/A, Oly (does not include oarlock and pins)

Rigger Wedge
Rigger Wedge for Sea Shell

Adjustable Foot Tracks
Adjustable Tracks, w/wing & bolt (or screws)

Foot Brace CrossbarTop
Foot Brace Crossbar, top

Foot Brace Crossbar bottom
Foot Brace Crossbar, bottom

Complete Shell Seat
Complete Shell seat(horn, axles & chassis, and wheels) Composite Only

Horns (shell) priced per horn

Wheel Axles for shell
Wheel Axles for Shells

Wheel Chassis for shell
Wheel Chassis for shell

Seat Box
Seat Box (complete w/tracks) Fiberglass for Seashell Double

Seat Tracks
Seat Tracks w/end stops for shell

Foam Seat Pad
Foam Seat Pad covered in Lycra, velcro attached

Gel Seat Pad
Gel Seat Pad covered in Lycra

End Stops
End stops for shell seat tracks

Drain Plug
Drain Plug - old or new (1999 & newer) style

Inspection Port 4"
Inspection Port, complete - 4" without bag Sea-shells only unless older model

Inspection Port 6" with bag
Inspection Port, complete - 6" with bag

Fin Plastic
Fin Plastic with complete instructions

Seashell Rub Rail
Seashell Rub Rail sold per foot

Striping deck tape (specify color) sold per foot

Self Bailer if you are in open water
Self Bailer if you are in open water

Cockpit Splash Guard
Cockpit Splash Guard

Amas-Training Floats
Lighweight Floats attach to riggers of any shell. Great for teaching friends and insurance against cold water

Balloon Tire Dolly
Balloon Tire Dolly

Sprint Passenger Seat
Sprint passenger seat for kids and small adults. Sits in the Sprint on a rubber gasket which is provided. The passenger seat also floats.

Land Racks sold per pair
Land Racks support your boat safely


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