All Boats at a Glance

Little River Marine manufactures a variety of rowing shells and skiffs. For more information, click the name of the rowing shell or sculling skiff you are interested in.

Traditional Skiffs

boat-heritage183-300x122Heritage 18 Sculling Skiff
Elegant flagship of our fleet. The Heritage’s are the best designed, most elegant looking rowing skiffs you will find. Superior speed due to hull design. Converts easily from one to two rowers, and carries passengers.

boat-heritage151-300x143Heritage 12 Yacht Tender

New multi-purpose yacht tender that rows well, sails hard, is 85 pounds light and beautiful lines. Famous Heritage bottom design for an excellent glide, and can be rigged for sliding seat rowing, traditional fixed seat rowing, sailing, and a motor.

boat-heritage12-300x93Heritage 15 Sculling Skiff

The best selling rowing skiff worldwide. Endorsed and owned by coaches, magazine editors, and boat builders. Beautiful, tremendous glide, smart features. Also available as a double, and as a 65 pound ultra light.

Rowing Shells


Best entry level shell on the market. Superior features and glide. Superior looks. As stable as shells get. Includes a passenger seat. 39 pounds light. No “canoe” construction here, and at a great price. Life is too short to row an ugly boat.

The most popular open water shell in America, because of it’s design. Great performance. Very dry. Gorgeous looks. Stable yet fast. Now full carbon fiber and instant release rigging. This is a lifetime pleasure to row.

Favorite open water shell of clubs because it is sleek, light, fast and easy to rig. Full Carbon Fiber. Ultra light. Instant release rigging. Superior engineering, rigging, stiffness, and features over Arrow or Star.

Rated #1 rowing double by Small Boat Journal. This “just right” double is not too short to inspire, not too long to handle. Not to narrow and tipsy, not too fat and sluggish. A well priced, well designed recreational. Converts to a Single.

tn_proam25Pro Am 25 & Pro Am Elite
The fastest open water racer on the market. Full Carbon Fiber standard. Instant release Rigger. Two sizes to fit your weight.

Popular racing shell at a great price. Now fully carbon fiber and instant release rigger. Stiff and light. Easiest to row of all racing shells because of its hull shape and low seat deck.